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Turning concepts into motion

Our story

Concept design

From inventing new themed motion-based attractions “out of the box” to refreshing standard, interactive or passive motion rides, conceptual design is a respected strength of Cesys. The art of creating motion-based experiences, that excite the mind, is executed at the highest level through the use of simulation technology, sophisticated game engines and superior visuals, displayed through projection, LED displays or the newest trend, VR.

Client representation

Our experienced team is able to assist in a full range of services, including monitoring the integrated product in entertainment environment. The maintenance & support team remotely monitors the performance on all our locations where we implemented our systems.

Business models

We understand that our concepts need to support our client’s KPIs to be deemed successful. Outside of the business of customer experience, Cesys concepts work operationally and financially, fulfilling the requirements of attractions’ business models. Throughput is central to that and we work with clients to optimize the integration of their new motion-based attraction based on the best routing for throughput.

Project management

Our team of project engineers and project managers take care of all engineering, planning and organization from our Amsterdam studio, driving projects to be on time and on budget.


Turning concepts into motion

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Motion design

Cesys has the world’s leading experts in the complete array of motion technology. All our engineers have a background in professional simulation and have been involved in multiple industrial simulation projects.

New! Combining VR technology with interactive motion

Cesys is highly experienced in selecting the best and most appropriate visual solutions such as projection systems and LED displays. This use of the latest VR technology combined with interactive motion is unique in driving simulation. Driving the Cesys simulators with VR feels intense and extremely real. The immersion is a truly overwhelming experience.

Third party certification

Cesys systems are designed and manufactured according to the EN 13814:2004 directive: Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures. If a third party approval is required for the designed motion-based attraction, Cesys can provide this on request. Cesys has vast experience in coordinating this certification process.


Cesys is the entertainment label of the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of professional driving simulators
for the automotive, motorsport and marine industries. The knowledge and experience is used to design, develop and produce high end,
innovative entertainment simulators through imagination and motion-based technology.

Cesys has years of experience in designing, manufacturing, gameplay and content development and does this all under one roof.
By utilizing this knowledge and innovative technology, Cesys has transformed human experience as we know it.

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