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The ultimate, interactive, motion motorbike simulator with HMD

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Cesys Motorbike Simulator

The Cesys Motorbike Simulator is a completely new concept with maximum immersion,
real motorbike handling and is a spectacular experience!

Our new motorbike is available now in a set of two!


Dimensions & weight

- Footprint: 2.20 x 1.55 m
- Advised min. height: 2,85m
- Weight: 950 kg
- Dynamic floor-loading: 500 kg/m2


- Ride length: 4 – 8 minutes
- One operator for a set of 2 simulators
- Throughput: 16 guests per hour

Power (set of two)

- Voltage: 3-phase 400 VAC, 32 A
- Typical power consumption: 4 kW
- Peak power consumption: 17 kW

Virtual Reality

The simulator uses a Head Mounted Display (HMD),
for an immersive motorbike riding experience.

Designed and built to

EN 13814:2004 standard
UL/CSA /ADIPS /TUV certifications can be
provided on request.

Motorbike functionality

The motorbike mounted to the motion platform is a real Yamaha (or similar) race motorbike. Acceleration, shifting and braking of the motorbike is similar to driving a real motorcycle. Multiple feedback mechanisms control the simulator. Unlike other “gaming”-motorbike simulators on the market, which feature steering feedback only, Cesys uses a high-end combination of steering-force input and a body-tracking system. Together, these systems determine the input to the motorbike. These features are unique to Cesys.


The motorbike handlebar is attached to the force feedback control loading motor. The force feedback system registers the forces the rider exerts on the handlebar. These forces, combined with rider-lean are used to determine the motorbike’s steering behavior, just like on the real bike.

Body tracking

In addition to the handlebar input, a system consisting of multiple cameras monitors the rider’s body position relative to the motorbike. The simulation engine uses this data as input on the motorbike simulation model, which increases the level of realism and immersion when riding the simulator.

Throttle, shifting & braking

Unlike arcade-style motorbike simulators, the Cesys Motorbike Simulator has a functioning throttle, hand brake, foot brake, clutch and shift lever, all of which contribute to the ultimate riding experience.


Our new motorbike is available now!

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Combining VR Technology with interactive motion

Cesys is world leader in designing interactive driving simulators for the entertainment/ attraction market. The knowledge and experience of over more than 15 years’ experience comes together in the motorbike simulator. Using the latest technology in VR combining with interactive motion is unique in motorbike driving simulation. Driving the motorbike feels intense, real and immersion is an overwhelming experience.

Design motion platform

The motion is designed and produced by Cesys. The motorbikes are straight form the factory real race motorbikes. The motorbikes have to be reinforced for use on a simulator though as it’s a much harsher environment and we need to make them last.


New! The ultimate, interactive, motion motorbike simulator with HMD.

The Cesys Motorbike Simulator is a completely new concept promising maximum immersion, real motorbike handling and a spectacular experience

Race Car

Cesys has a various number of different race car simulators.

Race tubs or complete car body’s on top on our advanced electromechanical, 6-DOF motion system. Delivered with HMD (VR) for immersion and overwhelming race experience


The ultimate flying experience

Flight through the skies. The Cesys Flight-Ride is a new attraction that puts guests in a hang-glider, high above spectacular breath-taking views.

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