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The ultimate, interactive, full-motion race car simulator
with HMD (VR)

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Cesys’s interactive Hexatech Formula Style simulator

a ‘real’ single-seater race car tub on our advanced, electromechanical, 6-DOF motion system proves that looks are important. Hexatech is the name for Cesys’s most sophisticated, professional motion technology. Matched with a sponsor-liveried car body to help create the most memorable experiences, attractions guests get the message loud and clear. Now with Head Mounted Display (HMD) for immersion in a overwhelming race experience!

Our Formula Style Simulator now available with VR!


Dimensions & weight

- Static footprint: 2.80 x 3.75 m
- Dynamic footprint: 3.75 x 4.25 m
- Advised min. height: 4.00m
- Weight: 2250 kg
- Dynamic floor-loading: 1000 kg/m2


- Ride length: 5 – 10 minutes
- One operator for 4 simulators
- Throughput: 8 guests per hour


- Voltage: 3-phase 400 VAC, 32 A
- Typical power consumption: 5 kW
- Peak power consumption: 22 kW

Design and built to

EN 13814:2004 standard. UL/CSA /ADIPS /TUV certifications can be provided on request

Formula style body

The body is designed by Cesys and produced by a specialist in preparing Formula One replica’s.
As race car driver it feels like you are in ‘Formula Style’ race car.
The feeling is natural and to compare with the real thing.


Our new F1 simulator is available now!

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Cesys has a various number of different race car simulators.

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Flight through the skies. The Cesys Flight-Ride is a new attraction that puts guests in a hang-glider, high above spectacular breath-taking views.

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